Our syllabus is subject to change as we move through the term, so I won’t post it in .pdf here. Instead, access it via our shared folder on Dropbox (along with readings in .pdf) so you are always consulting the current version: contact Prof. Allred if you have issues with access. The Dropbox is only available to course members due to privacy/fair use rules.

Here is the basic information that’s unlikely to change:

ENGL 252: In/di/visible: Race and Vision, 1900-present
Instructor: Jeff Allred
Class Meetings: M/Th 11.10-12.25 via Zoom (link via syllabus)
Office Hours: M/Th 10-11 on Zoom (see syllabus) and  by appointment. Contact me: jeff.allred@hunter.cuny.edu
Course Code: 8853
Learning Outcomes
Students who successfully complete the course will:
  • Extend close reading skills developed in ENGL 220 via frequent practice with analytic writing.
  • Develop new skills in decoding secondary literature from various methodological and theoretical traditions.
  • Integrate literary arguments into existing critical conversations in writing.
  • Gain basic familiarity with theories of visual culture and major themes in twentieth-century African-American writing.