Posted by Tahra Jirari on

What is the importance of the symbolism in the color white and the items that contain it such as the milk in the Bluest eye, and the optic white paint, in the Invisible Man?


This is a question that may change as I research more and find more articles.


Sandra – Research Question

Posted by Sandra Michelle Batres on

Research question:


What psychological theories are present in The Bluest Eye that help examine and explain the behaviors of some of the characters? What theorists can be used to explain the dynamics that affect and shape the characters’ lives and moral conduct?

Possible characters:

  • Pecola
  • Cholly
  • Pauline

Possible theories:

  • Psychoanalytic theory
  • Trauma theory
  • Moral development



Research Question

Posted by Carissa Scantlebury on

What does Toni Morrison mean, in her novel The Bluest Eye, that the Breedloves put on their ugliness like a garment? Or that ugliness can be adopted or done away with, when she writes: “Except for the father, Cholly, whose ugliness… was behavior, the rest of the family… wore their ugliness, put it on, so to speak, although it did not belong to them (38).”

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